You’ve put all this time and money into hosting your own conference. Gorgeous programs, great food, beautiful venue, state of the art technology.  And then what happens? Your breakout speakers disappoint: they have their back to the audience, they talk from their agenda, and let’s not get started on their PowerPoint slides.

And that’s just the concurrent sessions! What about the keynotes? Dry? Dull? Deadly? Reading from a script the whole time?  Your conference success depends on every session being top notch. Why would you settle for just average when you can achieve greatness?

We have a proven system to ensure your conference is the “go-to” event of your industry.  Keep your clients and customers engaged and your bottom line will thank you.


Don’t take our word for it, hear from one of our satisfied clients!

Carol-Meyers-Environmental-1“Our annual conference is an important way to build relationships with our customers and partners. That’s why every keynote and breakout speaker must be top notch. Our investment in speaker training was critical. SpeakWell Partners ensured that every speaker delivered their personal best. Our audience evaluations proved that we got a high return on our investment.”

Carol Meyers, CMO, Rapid 7

We will ensure that all your speakers show up with:

Audience analysis is often overlooked.  It is this process that leads to the most relevant and informative content.
There is an art and a science to a well-organized and compelling presentation that keeps audiences engaged from beginning to end.
Let’s put an end to Death by PowerPoint!  We teach you the cutting edge science around visual display to dazzle your audience.
Nothing beats practice, except perfect practice.  That only happens with feedback.  We’ll get you ready to nail your presentation.
We can work with your speakers even if they are 3,000 miles away. Our online training program delivers proven results for conference presenters and their audiences. Ready to get started?  So are we!

EPhelpsI HIGHLY recommend Charlotte and SpeakWell Partners – they are fantastic! Charlotte provided public speaking training to our staff and helped to prepare us for plenary sessions, workshops and individual meetings at our national conference. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive… from beginner to experienced presenter, EVERYONE learned something important. There were many comments from staff, funders and conference participants about how well the VentureWell staff presented.     – Eric Phelps, Principal, Rainmaker Consulting

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