Think of a public speaker who has grabbed your attention, and even compelled you to act. Odds are, that speaker didn’t just walk on stage with those capabilities at their fingertips. They invested in skill-building, coaching, feedback, and practice time in order to achieve that level of success.

What does that success look like? You know it when you see it: influence, persuasion, gravitas, confidence.

We can get you there, too. Because settling for good enough just doesn’t cut it any longer. Not for you and not for your audience. After ten years of client coaching and 20 years of speaking experience, our system gets you the results you want, minus the hair-pulling.

Like this client did.

McKee_Photo_2015“After years of ‘pretty good’ presentations, I decided to commit to a complete coaching cycle for an important industry conference. The whole experience was eye-opening. Not only was I told that my presentation was “best of show”, but more importantly I’m convinced that all my communications will be measurably more effective using this approach.”

M. McKee, CEO, ObserveIt

We work with a lot of executives.  We know from experience that your presentation needs are specific and unique. We meet you right where you are. We explore and develop your message, your presentation style and your speaking comforts and discomforts. We practice, hone, distill and practice again. We explore the strengths of your presentation style.  We videotape you so you can see for yourself what does and doesn’t work. We build upon what does. It’s confidential, extremely rewarding and surprisingly, it’s is a lot of fun.

Barbara and Charlotte

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