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We run public speaking, leadership communication, and business networking programs at your location, for your team. From Basic Training Bootcamp to intensive one-on-one follow-up, our goal is to have your team ready to connect, communicate and captivate your most valued audiences.

Our Motto: Effective Engagement = Results for your company

Speaker Bootcamps: Practice, performance, feedback, and discussion – these are the tools we use to strengthen your skills and ensure your success. 

Bootcamp 1.0

  • Give speeches that resonate with your audience
  • Learn to prepare a presentation backwards
  • Avoid public speaking derailers
  • Enhance verbal, vocal and visual delivery
  • Authentically connect with an audience
  • Apply persuasion techniques to achieve results

Bootcamp 2.0

  • Continue mastering the Big Five speaking skills
  • Go deeper into persuasion techniques
  • Learn to flex your style to match all types of audiences
  • Learn rhetorical techniques to make a stronger impression
  • More practice, more performance, more feedback and discussion

IMG_2349“Your work with the presenters was amazing.  The mastery with which you put everyone at ease helped their confidence and performance soar.” 

– Addie Swartz, CEO, reacHIRE


I See Your Power, But What’s Your Point?  Rid the world of bad PowerPoint presentations! 

  • Learn how to use audio-visuals to enhance your words
  • Eliminate four bad habits that result in epic fails!
  • Align your presentation skills with your technology
  • Get instant feedback on slides, content, and delivery before the big presentation

Networking for Personal and Organizational Success  Guess What? Everyone in your organization is in sales.

  • Learn to confidently navigate a networking event 
  • Become aware of your interpersonal strengths and blind spots
  • Learn how to gracefully enter and exit conversations
  • Refine your pitch to hit the sweet spot every time
  • Authentically connect with strangers
  • Make better use of social networking tools
  • Enhance your personal brand for yourself and your employer

LStewart headshot“This was a fabulous workshop in which everyone, no matter how much or how little experience they had-took their skills to the next level. “

                                                                                                  — L. Stewart, CEO, Entrepreneur


Speak With Authority! Vocal training to enhance your impact.

  • Hear your sound and learn tools to empower your voice
  • Find your Inner Shakespeare and your “Down Undah” tones
  • Find out how and when hesitation is your friend
  • Locate your vocal power through your posture

Deliver the Presentation Your Boss Expects Learn to  impress your boss with smart and effective communication.

  • Know your boss, your company, and yourself
  • Master meeting mechanics
  • Learn to manage up
  • Top ten manager pet peeves, and how to get to the point!

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