Boston’s Premiere Event for Women’s Leadership Communication


9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Location TBD










Time to reclaim our standing in the world.

Let’s get it back. Together.


And while we’re at it, let’s make it better.

Let’s embrace a new vision for how women show up, speak up, say no, talk about themselves, advocate for themselves and others, set boundaries, and advance to the C-Suite.

Let’s make sure women are anywhere decisions are being made (thanks RBG).

Let’s create safe spaces to practice new ways of speaking with authority – to stretch our mindset and skillset so that we stop hiding in plain sight.

Let’s grab hold of the leadership communication wheel and putting our foot on the gas.

Ready to join us?!

Why SheSpeaks?

Because business is better when women speak. Yet many women remain silent in meetings, at conferences, forgoing speaking roles and presentations. And when that happens, everyone loses. 

We are focused on helping women rise to the highest levels of power in organizations, government, public service and anywhere decisions are made. 

Join us!

featured speakers 

Tiffanny Stepherson

Associate Director, DEI
Crate & Barrel

DEI: What are you going to DO about it?

Tiffanny knows that “doing” the work of inclusion is how DEI goals are realized. She also knows that there is a difference between knowing and doing. Tiffanny will not only advance your thinking, she will also offer tangible inclusion strategies you can apply the next day,  and probably make you laugh at least once!

Angela Liu

Director and Founding Member,

Negotiation: Women speaking up for what they need and deserve

It is difficult to pinpoint a single cause of wage inequality, but data points to a main culprit: women and minority groups being offered less because they are asking for less. They are leaving money on the table. This session will walk you through the steps of salary negotiation and provide a safe space to practice.

Cristina Costa

Executive Career and Empowerment Coach

Your Network is Your Net Worth

How healthy is your network? Is it time to level up? Trick question! It’s always a good time to nurture and expand your network. Given that 60% of jobs never make it to a formal posting, your network can keep your career on track. Cristina will share her proven formula for assessing, expanding, and utilizing your business network so that you are always moving forward.

things to look forward to

Networking with other amazing women

The keys to communicating with power and influence.

Tools and insights to help you advance your career

what women are saying about Speakwell Partners


9:00am – Conference Begins
9:30am – Executive Presence
10:45am – DEI Action Steps
11:25am – Negotiation
12:00pm – Lunch Break

12:45pm – Building Your Network
1:15pm – Selling Yourself – Storytelling
2:00pm – Final Speaking Activity
2:30pm – Accountability Partnering

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Cancellation Policy:  Full refund before 9/1/21
After 9/1, credit toward future conference