March 21, 2024 | 9:00am-Noon |  via Zoom


  • Are you avoiding any public speaking opportunities?

  • Do you hesitate to speak up in high-level meetings?

  • Do you hedge or qualify your message for fear of being too assertive?

  • Does it feel intimidating to jump into a heated debate?

  • Would you benefit from a safe space to practice persuasive speaking?


Barbara Roche

Confidence Whisperer

Our mission is to help you gain the courage and capability to speak with conviction. Whether it’s the conference room, the Board room, or the ballroom, you will leave the program ready and excited to kick some glass.

Charlotte Dietz

Connect-The-Dots Master

This program is for you if:


You want to get your voice heard (in a room full of men)


You are ready to step out of your comfort zone


It’s time to enhance your influence & persuasion skills


You are tired of hiding in plain sight

Why attend SheSpeaks?

Did you know you can derail your own career advancement by avoiding opportunities to speak?

It’s one thing to feel a little trepidation before speaking in public. It’s another thing to avoid it because of negative self-talk or lack of confidence.

We can help with that!

What can you expect?

There are proven methods for commanding the attention of your audience.

You’ll build your skills and confidence to speak with gravitas. You’ll gain a deeper awareness of your own unique and dynamic speaking style, and you will be better able to assert yourself in an important meeting.

I'm ready to step up and stand out!

Check out our virtual agenda


Icebreaker and a little bonding.

Speaking to Persuade

Advance your ability to influence others and increase your impact.

Executive Presence III

We’re going deeper into this essential skillset.

Developing Rizz

It’s not just the 2023 Word of the Year. It’s a core skill.

Still Not Sure? Let SheSpeaks Nation Convince You!

Cancellation Policy: Before 3/15: full refund. After 3/15: credit applied to a future program.