We honor the classic truths of effective public speaking and we know your agenda, your audience and your preparation strategy are unique. Whether you are speaking to a highly-attended conference or presenting business ideas to potential investors, we adapt our content and coaching to fit your specific needs.

Keynotes and Podium Presentations

In the end, it always gets down to what you have to say. Most of the work we do is inspired by your content and the fluidity of the narrative that you will deliver. Together we will shape, clarify, distill, organize and sequence what you want to say, and identify your peak communication moments.  As in most communication, when you really know what you want to say, and feel very clear about it, the delivery becomes more effortless and organic.  The presentation practice flows from here.

Content and Delivery

Effective public speaking requires a lot of focus and clarity. Like good writing, it is a process of iteration to distill the clear and compelling expression of ideas. Most of the heavy lifting happens here: in the content clarification stage. We link arms with you to get this right and it often involves creative dialogue and collaboration around the exact phrasing, headlines, takeaways and storyboarding of your speech.

From there, we support your delivery. From volume to eye contact, from pacing to dramatic pauses, from interacting with your visuals to interacting with your audience, you review and practice the physical delivery of your ideas. Our job is to be a mirror so you can see, hear and strengthen your presentation impact.

Bradach_JeffCharlotte was instrumental in helping me take a set of ideas and translate them into a compelling speech.  From shaping the key messages to coaching on delivery, she truly transformed the whole experience.”

– Jeff Bradach, The Bridgespan Group, Managing Partner and Co-Founder 

It’s Not Really About You

You have many goals for your speech. And chances are most of them matter to you personally. The truth is, your audience doesn’t care about your goals. They are there to get something from you and our job is to be sure that you deliver for your audience.  This is the key filter we bring to your talk and we see the entirety of your presentation from graphics, to body language, to physical delivery to clear content through their eyes. It always works.

Our Process

We work with a lot of executives.  We know from experience that your presentation needs are specific and unique. We meet you right where you are. We explore and develop your message, your presentation style and your speaking comforts and discomforts. We practice, hone, distill and practice again. We explore the strengths of your presentation style.  We videotape you so you can see for yourself what does and doesn’t work. We build upon what does. It’s confidential, extremely rewarding and surprisingly, it’s is a lot of fun.

Barbara’s expert content knowledge, practical advice, compassion and sense of humor made her an absolute pleasure to work with.  She is  a highly skilled coach who will help you assess your goals, gain focus, and take action.” 

Erin Flynn

A Word About Style

Central to your speaking success is the issue of personal style. Some of us are funny and flamboyant; others are quieter and more profound in our public expression. Our essential philosophy about great public speaking is that we all need to let go of fixed ideas of what makes someone a great speaker. The best speeches are those that truly reflect the person giving them –  be it earnest, ironic, humorous, even introverted. They can all work. A large part of this work is identifying your most effective communication style, finding a clear structure to express yourself and then letting it rip.

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