Do you have an upcoming podium presentation? A keynote for a national or international conference? An investor meeting? A senior management board presentation? TEDX Talk? We have successfully coached professionals in all these presentation formats.

Executive Coaching

You have an important presentation on the horizon.  Your days are very busy. You want individualized coaching that focuses on your unique needs, ideas and talents. You are ready to apply your best effort for excellent results.

Our job is to ensure that you are completely ready. We start with the end in mind by defining your goals and working backwards from there. We evaluate and distill your content and ensure that it is clear and meaningful for your audience. We integrate your natural delivery style into a cohesive and confident performance. We help you see what needs to be cut and what needs more emphasis. And we help you connect with your audience by incorporating stories and examples with powerful imagery.

Our Motto: Creative collaboration and feedback guarantees your success

Public Speaking can be an emotional, stressful, and intimidating experience. Yet, for those who have delivered a speech or presentation that’s won over a crowd, the positive rush of adrenalin, followed by what can only be described as a “Speaker’s High,” makes all of the work and anxiety worth it. Achieving this emotional high, requires skills in the art of communications and storytelling. Charlotte Dietz is a master of both these areas of expertise, as well as the art of inspiring people to grow personally and professionally. SpeakWell Partners brings to each client years of stage performance, patience and flexibility in teaching this approach to accommodate the personal style and experience of each Speaker. 

                                                                                                                            —Stephen Baker, President, Baker Design Group

Do you need a relevant, skill-building communications workshop for your team? We offer a wide range of workshops for managers and staff at all levels, from one-day Speaker Bootcamps to intensive workshops for advanced speakers.

We run onsite, customized workshops for groups of ten or more for public speaking and business networking development. From Bootcamp to intensive one-on-one follow-up, our goal is to have your team ready to deliver memorable presentations with actionable outcomes.

Our Motto: Effective and Fun = Measurable results for your team

Click here for more information on these workshops: Speak With Authority |  Speaker Bootcamp 1.0 |  Speaker Bootcamp 2.0 |  I See Your Power, But What’s Your Point |  Deliver the Presentation Your Boss Expects |  Networking for Personal and Organizational Success

2a663e9“Barbara and Charlotte’s enthusiasm is infectious, and inspiring….Their expertise and teaching style has helped me personally grow and has cultivated a culture of open and positive communication at BBA. ”

– M. Rubley, VP, BBA


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