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IPO Roadshow

How to tell the story of your company to attract investors.

The roadshow is a critical element in a successful public offering. At its core, IPO roadshows must distill mountains of data, detailed background, growing excitement, and strong valuation into a compelling verbal and vocal delivery. You need a strong team of professionals who can influence and persuade investors. And then you need three versions of your show: the 30-minute face-to-face presentation, the elevator pitch, and the virtual (net) roadshow. After all that, your team must be adept at handling hardball questions from smart, savvy investors. How do we know all this? We've helped other teams achieve their IPO goals. We look forward to being your coach.

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Big Stage


Don't give a speech, create an experience.

As a subject matter expert invited to share your insight with a larger audience on a bigger stage, your content and delivery must match that scale. We support your bold expression and ensure you can answer the "why" of your topic and how it resonates with your audience. We like keynote presenters who are fearlessly themselves, take creative risks, and who pose challenges to their audience. That's the quality and style of presentation we envision for you. All we ask is you don't call us last minute. Greatness and beauty should never be rushed.

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Sharing your message with the world.

You have an idea and it's a good one. You want to share it with a bigger audience. We get it. TEDx has an enormous reach. The stakes are high and that means your big idea must be boiled down to its essence so that you meet the requirements of the red circle: concise, compelling, and conversational. We have helped speakers nail their key message and leave an indelible mark on their TEDx audience. We have a proven formula for helping you take your killer idea and turn it into a sticky, engaging and worthwhile talk. All we need from you is your passion and your investment in continuous improvement.

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The Essence
of Who,
What, Why

Brand Storytelling

Audiences want speakers who show instead of tell.

Stories stick. They linger with an audience long after the keynote has ended. The science of why we remember is clear: our human brain is hard-wired for story. But the art of shaping, sharing and selling with story is underutilized in today's corporate culture. We work with leaders to develop a library of stories, ready to enliven and engage your strategic communication in any setting. The result is more influence on your key market, which leads to more conversions. Sound good?

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Business is better when women speak.

When we say women's voices need to be heard, we mean that literally. In our work as public speaking and leadership development coaches, we have frequently found that when a woman faces an opportunity to assert her ideas in a public forum, she often surrenders to an inner voice that shouts, "You can't say that! Just be quiet!". Our mission is to help women build the confidence and capability to speak up in the hallway, at the meeting, in front of the room, and on the stage. Check out our SheSpeaks page for details on the next offering.
Step Up
Stand Out
No More

Conference Presentations

The secret is to break the mold.

The conference circuit is a bit stale. Too much lecturing, too many speakers with their backs to the audience, and let's not even start with droning decks of mind-numbing data. We train speakers to find the hook - the sizzle that captures the intelligence and imagination of an audience and keeps them listening. From cybersecurity to advertising, we have helped hundreds of conference speakers shine on the stage and get asked back the following year. We'd love to help you craft and deliver an authentic and memorable presentation.

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