Time to Slay!

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Is 2023 the year you make your next big move?

One way to make it happen is to sharpen your communication skills. Enter SheSlays. We focus on three essential skills for career advancement:

Executive Presence
Persuasion & Influence
Handling Tough Questions

Get ready to take a deep dive into each of these skillsets 

Sample the Content

Executive Presence

Showing up and adding value. Enablers and blockers of EP.


Having a great idea is not enough. You need to connect and influence.

Handling Tough Questions

Never be thrown by a challenging question again. There’s a hack.

Why Invest in SheSlays?

  • Your ideas are not being heard
  • You’ve been told you should contribute more in meetings
  • You want to increase your visibility
  • You want to enhance your ability to sway others

Still not sure if it’s worth the investment?¬† Let our satisfied clients convince you!

I was surprised by how fun Charlotte and Barbara made public speaking! The feedback was helpful for eliminating bad habits and empowering me to capture my audience.

Christina Kidd

Adviser Investments

Barbara and Charlotte create such a safe space that I felt comfortable speaking in front of 50 women. I also learned that my accent is not a language barrier – it’s a part of my authentic self.

Mayra Rodriquez

Keystone Partners

I applied the tools offered in SheSlays immediately to a conversation with an executive leader within an hour of the program to get buy-in for a critical need of my client.  #slayedit

Michelle Selke

Michelle Selke, Rapid7