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The workshop was packed with useful information and had never a dull moment. Barbara and Charlotte are a wonderful team
Lauren Baker

CEO, Avania

This was a fabulous workshop in which everyone, no matter how much or how little experience they had-took their skills to the next level.
L. Stewart


SpeakWell Partners was amazing. They drew from such vast knowledge and experience to offer me both direct feedback, as well as the skills, advice and techniques about how to improve. Overall, I walked away with much more confidence. Thank you, SpeakWell Partners!

Wendy Smith, Ph.D.

U of Delaware Lerner College of Business

SpeakWell Partner’s training struck the perfect balance between information, encouragement and constructive individual feedback. Our team identified areas of strength and areas needing actionable improvement. Everyone came away more prepared and confident about their next presentation!

Chris Sahl

Adviser Investments

The event was phenomenal because of the energy and interactive style. Everyone left with tools and techniques to enhance their brand. I am thankful for SpeakWell Partner’s commitment to women and building their confidence.

Marinda Brown

Yale University

SpeakWell Partners shifted my whole perspective about speaking. As an experienced speaker, I wanted to take my skills to the next level. They were able to spot the core issue and helped me fundamentally strengthen my abilities. True experts.

J. Detjen


Anyone who has ever won over a crowd ” knows that achieving this emotional high, requires skills in the art of communications and storytelling. SpeakWell Partners masters both these areas of expertise, as well as the art of inspiring people to grow personally and professionally. They bring years of stage performance, patience and flexibility to accommodate the personal style and experience of each client.

Stephen Baker

President, Baker Design Group

SpeakWell Partners led a great workshop for our entire company around effective presentation and communication skills, complete with workbooks, group practice sessions, and takeaways for us to practice afterwards.

Shirley Zhao

The Predictive Index

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