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The Big Stage

Keynotes and Podium Presentations
It’s all about the clarity of your message and the conviction you exude when you deliver it. We can help with both.

The biggest myth in public speaking? Content = clarity. Content is only the beginning of the journey toward crafting and delivering a memorable speech. Together we will distill your content to identify your key messages. Then we’ll help you mine that content to find your peak moments – the ones the audience will remember. The final leg of the journey is the dress rehearsal where we help you refine your body language and gestures so you fill the space and command the room.

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The Small Stage

Conference Presentations, Team Updates, Board Meetings
If the big stage is designed for the "what and why," then smaller stages are designed for "how."

You may not be speaking in a room with chandeliers, but you still need to command the room. If you come across as nervous or tentative, you put doubt in the minds of your audience. We’ll help you design and deliver a presentation so that your ideas receive full consideration. We’ll walk you through our highly-coveted storyboard process and then we’ll help you incorporate persuasive techniques so that your brand is improved when you walk off stage.

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Winning Others Over (WOO)

What to do when you want to persuade others

Speaking in front of a large audience is a worthy goal – and one we encourage you to put on your To Do list – but that’s not the only opportunity to influence others. We often work with high-potential leaders who need a little work done on their communication skills. In this case, we help speakers get rid of the clutter and be mindful of their word choices, tone of voice and body language, so that all three “channels” work in harmony. We like to call it The Words, The Music, and The Dance.

Let us help you steal the show.

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Our Process

A laser beam in a velvet glove

Like you, the majority of our clients are successful executives who care about delivering a persuasive and memorable presentation. We meet you right where you are. We explore and develop your message, enhance your presentation style, and ease your discomforts. We uncover your strengths and make sure they show up on stage. We videotape you so you can see for yourself what does and doesn’t work. We build upon what does. It’s confidential, extremely rewarding and surprisingly, it’s is a lot of fun.

Don’t trust your success to just anyone.

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What Our Clients Are Saying
Erin FlynnVP, Portland State University
“Barbara’s practical advice, compassion and sense of humor made her a pleasure to work with. She is a highly skilled coach who will help you gain focus and take action.”
Jeff BradachManaging Partner, The Bridgespan Group
“Charlotte was instrumental in helping me craft a compelling speech. From shaping the key messages to coaching on delivery, she transformed the whole experience.”
Mack RubleyVP, Boston Biomedical Associates
“SpeakWell Partners helps you find your A game. They distill and detect until you have clear messages, and the visual display to match. I highly recommend them.”
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