Meet the Partners:
Barbara and Charlotte

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Meet the Partners: Barbara and Charlotte

We help you shine on stage.

What do C-Suite leaders, elite athletes, Oscar-winning actors, and political candidates have in common? They all work with a communication coach, because exceptional performance should never be left to chance.

Barbara Roche

Charlotte Dietz

My public speaking expertise is the direct result of living out of a suitcase while on the speaking circuit, being in front of audiences ranging from 25 to 2,000 people (hint: speaking to 25 is more challenging than the big ballroom).

In addition to my work with SpeakWell Partners, I teach leadership communication at the Wharton School. I earned a Master of Science in Psychology from Northeastern University while simultaneously earning my membership into Red Sox Nation. I am a licensed coach through Corporate Coach University.

Superpower: Energizer! (You should see me with puppies)

Pet Peeve: What day is it? OK, lack of eye contact.

Help With Calming the Jitters: You have something valuable to share with your audience. They need to hear it.

My coaching is derived from working in and leading marketing teams, and years of presenting internationally. My presentation training started at Fidelity Investments and is supplemented by decades of theater performance and production.

I believe every presentation should be engaging and relevant. I offer each client unparalleled dedication with an inside-out philosophy that magnifies your strengths and amplifies your brilliance. I received a BA in Economics from the University of Massachusetts, Boston.

Superpower: Connect the Dots Master! (and dishwasher loader)

Pet Peeve: Bullet points are my nails on a chalkboard.

Help With Calming the Jitters: You can be nervous and still crush it! Nerves are not all bad.

This is why you need to practice!
Enjoy our blooper reels.

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