12 Minutes 2 Mastery


All you need is 12 Minutes 2 Master Public Speaking!

Become a Dynamic Speaker in Your Pajamas!

Guided by the three P’s of public speaking: Preparation, Practice, and Presentation, this 4-part online course lets you learn at your pace and on your schedule!

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Dave FellowsCEO, Nightstar

“SpeakWell Partners was engaged, enthusiastic and provided a great framework for crafting and telling our IPO story. A great process, excellent coaching and really fun people. Worth the investment in time to hone your pitch.”

Carol MeyersCMO, Rapid7

“Our annual conference is an important way to build relationships with our customers and partners. SpeakWell Partners ensured that every speaker delivered their personal best. Our audience evaluations proved that we got a high return on our investment.”

David CancelCEO, Drift

“I wanted to communicate bold ideas at Drift’s HYPERGROWTH launch event. SpeakWell Partners prepared me to deliver a creative, genuine and highly–connected presentation. I was perfectly aligned with my audience.”
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