Harper Lee: Clarity, Coherence, Cadence

Every morning, coffee in hand, I look forward to two things – The SKIMM,a breezily written daily news summary,and the poem sent from The Writer’s Almanac with Garrison Keillor. Honestly, you should get them both: one is news, the other is art. What’s cool about the Writer’s Almanac, is that in addition to a daily

Showtime’s ‘Billions’ and Enclothed Cognition

I’m nothing short of a voyeur watching Showtime’s new series, ‘Billions.’ It’s a smart send-up of capitalism and democracy gone awry. Two powerful men – a rapacious hedge-fund manager with a shady past (played by the intense Damian Lewis) and an ambitious and twisted U.S. Attorney (played by the terrifying Paul Giamatti) are in a

Spark Joy

A review of the book, Spark Joy, written by Japanese organizing guru Marie Kondo piqued my curiosity. Kondo advocates a minimalist approach to decluttering by determining the value of what we want to keep (or donate to Goodwill). “Does it spark joy? ” is the question to ask when deciding if that unworn sweater folded

Is Your Presentation Style Like New England Weather?

The weather on Friday was 75 and sunny. Two days later we have three inches of snow.  Flip flops one day, winter boots the other. It’s enough to throw anyone off their game. And that’s what it’s like being in the audience with an erratic presenter – someone who has no game plan, no road map,

Don’t be a 100-lb Presenter Weakling!