Next up is the letter P: Precarious Presence.

We got a call from a Fortune 500 client with the following request:

Dave was promoted to Managing Director. He is technically savvy and is an excellent task manager. However, he struggles in the spotlight. He gets really nervous in high-level meetings. He either doesn’t speak, or when he does, he seems tentative, at best. And his presentations are quite dull.

Do you ever feel slightly off your game? Suddenly the nerves have hijacked your otherwise calm and confident self? Do you ever feel pressure to perform in high-level meetings? This is where you want your authentic self to show up, and yet, it feels like your authentic self went into witness protection.

The good news: You do not need to take any psychedelic drugs to feel their positive effects like heightened awareness, increased energy, and vivid sensory perceptions. Sounds like fun to us, though!

All you need is some focused breath work. Yup. Breathing (and a little visualization). When you regulate your breath, you regulate your entire system.

Thanks to the research by Andrew Huberman of the Huberman Lab, we know that breath work can be a “kill switch for the stress response.”

The only breathing technique you need in a pinch is the Psychological Sigh:

  1. Two short inhales through the nose
  2. One long exhale through the mouth
  3. Repeat one to three times

Cool, huh? Let us know how it works for you.

Oh, and, we recommend that you step out into the hallway to do this breathing. Better than everyone in the meeting wondering if they should call the paramedics.

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