As I drove into Boston this morning with hordes of cranky, distracted commuters, I laughed in delight when I saw this sign. It is a  brilliant and elegant example of what great communicators can do.

KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE: Every Bostonian (with or without an accent) got it, got the message and smiled in recognition.

  1. ESTABLISH CREDIBILITY: The Department of Transportation showed that they know who is on the road and how to get our attention, while reinforcing Boston pride in our regional, cultural distinction!
  2. HAVE AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE: This is a safety message first and foremost. I saw this sign on the Mass Pike at the tricky section after the Allston tolls. Lanes merge and cars are moving fast. It is dangerous, annoying and definitely triggers ugly road rage for many drivers.
  3. SURPRISE PEOPLE: We are all so self-absorbed, but how quickly a surprise lifts us out of ourselves and elevates our perception. I spent the rest of my drive thinking about that unexpected and delightful moment.
  4. LIGHTEN THE LOAD: Safety and Road Rage are boring, serious and dark issues. We all know what we should do, though we don’t, and Boston drivers are brutal! I felt comradery with my compatriots on the Pike and would have high-fived them had that been possible. We went from soloists to team players, which is a critical mindset on the road and in front of an audience.
  5. YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE PRETTY: It’s not art and yellow on black is probably my least favorite palette combination, but who cares, it got our attention, it serves the public and it entertains.

I hope they have a plan to track the uptick in “blinkah” protocol. Three simple words. Be inspired!imgres-1

Happy Weekend one and all!