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It’s hard to write anything of value or utility this week given the horrific events at Monday’s Boston Marathon. While I live in Delaware these days, I am a native Bostonian and have had the Boston Marathon on my list of Top Five events never to disappoint. The collective mindset on that civic holiday is of celebration, support, and pride – support for the friends and family members who are running the race; celebration of our nation’s history in the battles of Lexington and Concord; and pride in being a Bostonian.

Most of the media coverage has been equal parts disturbing and disheartening. The one bright spot, the one aspect that brings forth that sense of pride, is the bravery and swift action on the part of the first responders. It is truly amazing to see and hear all the examples of people running into the smoke to help the injured bystanders, and of using anything available to stanch the flow of blood while they helped transport the victims to the medical tents.

Another source of pride and relief – largely based on what I do for a living, but I think many people will agree with me – was the “white coat” press conference held by each of the area hospitals at which medical staff stepped outside the operating room just long enough to give the world what we needed most: an update on the condition of those injured in the blasts. Two that stood out for me were Dr. William Mackey, Chief of Surgery at Tufts Medical Center, and Dr. Peter Fagenholz, Trauma Surgeon at Mass General. Their casual yet sober demeanor, combined with their ability to give us enough information without violating the privacy of their patients, was remarkable.

My beloved city is still in the midst of a crisis this morning, and my thoughts are with all my former neighbors and family members who are potentially in harm’s way. I hope this will all be over soon, and that the people who are caring for Monday’s victims only have to step outside to say that everyone is on the mend – inside and out.

– Barbara

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