Tuesday 10/16: Glued to the debate and the post-debate TV talking heads. Channel surfing between CNN, Rachel Maddow and Hannity to get different political perspectives. I marvel at what I hear and think, “Did we all just watch the same debate?”

Wednesday Morning 10/17: My sister arrives from Seattle. We sit basking in spectacular autumn sunshine when a neighbor walks by with his two Bassett hounds. They dogs merrily greet us. The owner says, “Oh yes, we are out for our daily newspaper reading.” “Excuse me?” I say. He continues, “When I walk these dogs I see blades of green grass. But they get their morning news – ‘Hey, smell who was just here…and when…and btw, they had chicken Alpo for dinner last night!’ ” We all laugh, delightedly.

Wednesday Evening 10/17: Still debriefing the debate. C says, “When the candidates were introduced, Obama started to sit down, but then, because Romney was still standing, I could actually see his mental calculation that he needed to stand back up and not appear ‘weaker’. That’s when I knew I couldn’t sit through this debate.” And I thought to myself, “Yes, I saw that too.”

Thursday Morning 10/18: Two lingering images.
Post Presidential Debate #1: Michelle Obama reaches to hug and kiss her husband, while Mitt Romney is literally engulfed by crowds of proud family members. The Obamas exit. The Romney celebration is the visual backdrop to the TV pundits for a good 5 minutes. Post debate #2: The Obamas chat, sign autographs and take photos with the crowd while the Romneys are nowhere to be seen.

Thursday night 10/18: I delight in the post-debate deconstruction and wildly different points of view. Is it much different than the dog walker who sees a blade of grass where his dogs perceive a symphony of information? Which daily newspaper are you reading? One body language expert watches with the sound on mute, others home in on Big Bird and binders, Facebook explodes with video satire, ‘reality checkers’ are confirming distortions and facts. It is a messy, myriad, mysterious human public presentation spectacle. I can’t wait for October 22nd!