I went to a workshop several years ago led by an “award-winning” comedian.  I remember that his topic was about how to use humor in the workplace, and that his audience WIIFM (what’s in it for me) was that every one of us works with a fun-sucker  –  that person whose mood is so dour or caustic that they suck the fun right out of the room.  Yes, I thought. I know that person!

I found my notes from the workshop recently as I was organizing my file cabinet.  Odd that I didn’t write his name down, which is why I haven’t given him a proper reference. Looking back over my notes, I realized that he was really talking to public speakers, and that his advice might make for a good holiday post (read: no heavy lifting).  Here it is – my gift to you, via the mystery man.

Words that make you funnier:                                                          

Hard “K” Sound:  kumquat, slicker, persnickety, kibitz, kippers, conniption, kabob

Onomatopoeia:  cuckoo, knock knock, boo hoo, zip, slurp, splash, crunch, sizzle

“TZ” Sound:  spritzer, seltzer, klutz

End With a Vowel:  salami, origami, rigatoni, buttinsky

Twofers/Threefers:  Kickapoo, khaki, macaroni, knick knack, cackle, yowza

There you go. Words that will make you a funnier speaker.  I can personally attest to the power of kumquat, slurp, and klutz.  You’re on your own with the rest of them (especially kickapoo), but if any of these work for you, let us know!  We love this stuff.

– Barbara