Who doesn’t admire Meryl Streep – her talent, her intelligence, her apparent centeredness amidst A-league celebrity? I remember being swept away by her performance in The French Lieutenant’s Woman, and I have kept a sharp eye on her since.

This tribute and introduction of Hillary Clinton at the Women in the World 2012 is one more reason that I will continue to admire Meryl Streep. Here is what I liked:

Authenticity: Streep is clearly delighted to be there. She is equally funny, self effacing, vulnerable and strong. She delivers her well-written speech with aplomb. She reminds us that when you have something important to say, the small fumbles and stumbles matter very little. She is in the moment and it is a pleasure to watch and witness.

Content: She has thought long and hard about what she wants to say about Hillary and what she wants us to see in ourselves. She brings us to the heart of Clinton’s life mission, hard work, courage and vision while reminding us of the challenge and scrutiny that women who are role models face –  especially from other women. (Ouch: that hurts, since the last photo of Clinton I saw triggered all my botox horror reaction)!  Streep says being a role model is not a simple job. “It’s equal parts being who you are and what people hope you will be…it’s representing our very best selves….and that’s what we ask of her.”  This speech is all about Hillary, but says everything about Streep’s core self and values.

Audience Connection: She connects right away with the audience, revealing herself and ourselves in the process. She uses props to engage us and to remind us what really matters (I don’t want to give away the ending). This speech is just under 13 minutes and flies by. Meryl Streep: Women in the World 2012