Suddenly I am inundated with impersonators. This week I saw a Barbra Streisand drag queen, the movie, ‘The Trip’ and the attached YouTube video link sent from a friend.

The drag queen was essentially a train wreck; (one we couldn’t stop watching until we escaped, though s/he totally had that Babs sweeping the locks from across her face gesture down pat)! “The Trip” was quirkily entertaining (and slightly depressing) and the You Tube video confirms that impersonation is just plain fascinating.

‘The Trip” is a story of two semi-famous English actors on a culinary road trip. They engage in an ongoing game of one-upmanship about their celebrity impersonations.  They deconstruct and banter in the voices of Michael Caine, Sean Connery, Liam Neeson, Al Pacino, Hugh Grant, Anthony Hopkins, Roger Moore, and Woody Allen.  It’s so entertaining. And thought provoking – what makes a dead-on impersonation such a delight?

Generally, we don’t think too much about all the facets of what actually makes each of our unique communication “impressions.” But some talented actor could easily imitate you. They watch, notice and imitate -tonality, resonance, placement, pacing, breath control, emphasis, volume, and mannerisms. Put it all together and it’s like a magic trick – a hand clapping delight.  Here’s the YouTube link I was sent. Enjoy.