I was wrapping up a coaching session several months ago when I asked my client if he could meet the following Wednesday. He replied, “Sorry I can’t. I was “voluntold” by my boss to head the new search committee and our first meeting is that day.”  I laughed out loud.  He even used air quotes for full effect. Since then I’ve been writing down these clever word combinations thinking they might come in handy someday.

I found my list as I was transitioning to a new notebook (Levenger and Paper Source fans know how fun that can be). As we head into the final week of the summer, I thought it was a perfect time to share my list.  These words are so much better than “jeggings” and “spork.”

  1. Automagically –  The finance charge on my credit card bill automagically increased a ½ percent.
  2. Coopetition –  Nothing wrong with a little healthy coopetition between sales and marketing.
  3. Meetingful – We usually waste time in the management meeting but today was meetingful.
  4. Afterthoughtfulness –  My husband forgot our anniversary but then his afterthoughtfulness was taking out the trash.
  5. Flavorite – I know it makes me sound boring, but pistachio is my flavorite.
Hope these help you spice up your next presentation!
– Barbara