Our 6-week virtual camp is coming to an end and ain’t we had fun?

Our goal was to infuse the basic values of camp learning into your day-to day and high stakes communication moments.

But wait! We can’t say goodbye yet!

We have our finale, the Talent Show!  Let’s get you ready to rock the stage. Here’s the 1,2,3 (4,5)

Please, don’t make this rookie mistake!

Who’s out there watching the show?
In this case, these are people who know you. More than anything they want to see relevance and brevity. You can deliver brevity without knowing your audience, but you can’t deliver on relevance.

Or this one either!

Winging it is for amateurs.

You can’t just show up. Please rehearse. Rehearsals are important for staying spontaneous, letting mistakes happen and curating what will and won’t work for your crowd. More rehearsal = increased clarity of what and why you are on the stage in the first place.

Bring yourself.
Your individuality is your super-power.

And weirdly, it’s about staying humble to the bigger production at hand. You are part of a whole. That means getting out of your own way and enjoying the show.

Stay in the moment.

Thinking too far ahead makes you lose your direction.

Yes, you can over-prepare – usually when you try to memorize too much. This takes you out of having a genuine conversation with your audience and into the “deliver all the words and get the hell off the stage” syndrome.

If you aren’t happy, they aren’t happy.

Your audience will take their cue from you.

Most of those people out there define “hell” as performing in front of a large group of people. And the idea that public speaking is fun? Well, that can be a bridge too far for most humans. And yet, enjoying yourself up there is the best feeling you can have (in the communication realm, that is).

We loved having you at camp!

It was a free and easy reminder that the skills learned at camp will serve you well in your career and your life. Use them.