trophy2…or a song, or an interview – really, any verbal communication that showed a genuine effort to rise above the mundane. And the winners are:

“Give up all hope for a better past.” – Psychologist on self-help radio show

“When someone says the average worker is doing better, hold onto your wallets.  The average height of Shaquille O’Neil and myself is six feet.  It’s better to focus on the median.” – Robert Reich at an economic forum in San Francisco

“The plural of an anecdote is not data!” – Polling expert on talk show advising listeners to stop implying that their opinions are based on fact.

“Only love can re-boot us.” – Common in John Legend’s version of Wake Up Everybody

“The pig finally worked its way through the python.” – Political analyst criticizing Congress on sequester debacle

“If you’re depressed, you’re living in the past. If you’re anxious you are worried about the future. If you are at peace then you are in the present.” – Robin Roberts

“Sorry, the microphone is making me sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher.” – Keynote speaker in a large convention hall who could not be understood, even in the front row

“Be hard to guard.” – George Raveling’s advice on how to be a better basketball player

“Successful women have an aura that says, ‘I belong in this seat’.” – Cathie Black, Hearst Magazines

“If my boss has cookies then I’m bringing the milk.” – Recently promoted manager on motivation to succeed in new position

“I can breathe in and out really well.”  – Job interview expert on what not to say when asked to describe one’s strengths

“Dreams that stay in your head are different from the dreams that come out of your mouth.” – A very wise 23-yr-old

“Unplanned positivity is best, but we can turn it on. What questions can you ask in the moment to turn on positivity?” – Barbara Frederickson

“Divorce the story. Marry the truth.”  – Tony Robbins

“I’m a rough, tough cream puff.” – Linda Stewart, CEO

And the absolute BEST mixing of metaphors in 2013 is:

“If we peel the onion one more layer we will see that the Emperor has no clothes.”        – Citation deleted to protect the guilty.

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– Barbara

Barbara Roche