The image of two suns setting in the first STAR WARS movie planted itself firmly in my visual memory. I was entranced. Can you imagine what it would be to see two suns or moons in our sky? Needless to say, the new scientific theory suggesting that our planet once had two moons has captured my imagination.  As the theory goes these two moons collided billions of years ago (“the big splat”) which explains the mountainous landscape on the dark side of our moon. Yes, the dark side of the moon – that source of endless puzzlement and intrigue! And, I have discovered, a useful metaphor for a rare breed of public speaker.

Ninety-nine times out of one hundred, I encourage more openness and energy from speakers. But occasionally I will work with a client who generates too much energy, too quickly and too early in their presentation and in these cases, I counsel restraint.

Sometimes too much intensity from a speaker can be a dangerous thing.  Despite best intentions, it can be overwhelming and a turn-off for the audience.  This is where the metaphor of the dark side of the moon works well. There is something compelling about speakers who hold themselves back, just a bit, from their audience.  (This is not to be confused with the natural self-protective position speakers need). It is the avoidance of showing all in the big splat of personality. It is subtle energy, confident, clear, and slightly detached that will arouse curiosity and interest.  It is good to access these quieter paces and intensities in presentations, like the dark side of the moon, it always draws us in for more.