I can’t get ‘The Glee Project’ out of my mind. My kids and I have watched the entire summer series which wraps up in the next two weeks. I am hooked.
Twelve talented teenage finalists are competing for a role on Season 3 of Glee.  Each week the group is given a theme and pop song which is rehearsed, choreographed  and videotaped  in keeping with a regular season production number.  Very stylized, high energy and fun. The contestants are diverse –  regionally, politically and in size, color, and sexuality. They share serious singing chops (and so young!) They have shown tremendous determination, resilience and guts. Every week someone gets axed. It’s very intense. We are down to the final four.
The executive producer and creator of Glee, Ryan Murphy, shows up for a “last chance” performance of the week’s bottom three contestants. After performing their solos, (and before he axes one or more of them) Ryan gives them feedback, which usually means he talks about what he wants for his Glee characters.
This week, Murphy  admired the talent of one young woman but expressed  concerns that he doesn’t seem to want to  “root for her.”  Flawed, vulnerable, outcast (and hugely talented) teens are the heart of the Glee formula and this young woman who sings, dances and acts beautifully (and is annoyingly full of herself ) just doesn’t connect in that human way that intrigues us.  Humanity, and not perfection, is what makes people compelling, most especially the really talented ones. 
Thank goodness we are not Glee Project contestants, but next time all eyes are on you, think about embracing your vulnerability – it makes you more interesting than you think.