So you have to sell, convince, lead, motivate or influence someone to take action.  Your tendency may be to load up on facts, data, logic and analysis.  Who, after all, does not value a rigorous argument?  Your time collecting all those items – and possibly turning them into PowerPoint slides – is not wasted, it’s just not enough to achieve your goal.

You need to fire up your audience’s brain.  You want their neurons to get all tingly.  You need their rapt attention in order to move them to action. Enter storytelling. If you missed our webinar on this topic and have some downtime in the lazy days of August, you can listen to it here.

For today, though, we are focused on the one-two punch of business storytelling:  construction and delivery.

One-two punch

Stories that are well-crafted and well-told tend to land better, tend to last longer, and tend to incite your audience to action. Want to learn a fun pneumonic device for both crafting and telling great business stories? See below. We use the word STORY for both. And remember, everyone is busy so we’re referring to SHORT STORIES.

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Part 1: Crafting Powerful Business Stories

Part 2: Telling Great Stories

– Barbara and Charlotte