IMG_0109Roseann Sdoia is a motivational speaker who shares her powerful story as a Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor to help people of all ages discover their own unstoppable strength.


When did public speaking become a part of your life/career?    After the 2013 marathon, I was thrust into the public eye.

What and when was your first memorable presentation?   It was the high school graduation in Dracut, Ma in June of 2014. Dracut is my home town. I had many friends attend that high school, even though I didn’t go there myself. So many friends had children graduating that day and were there to support my first speech. I was honored.

What’s some of the worst presentation advice you have received?  Someone suggested imagining the audience in their underwear. It sounds funny, but I can’t go there…it’s just not the first thing that enters my mind.     What is the first thing?   Don’t screw up!

What’s the best advice you’ve received?   Always stand to the right of the PowerPoint Screen. It’s the power spot.

How do you prepare for your presentation? Review! Review! Review! I stand in the kitchen with my computer in front of me and go over and over the presentation out loud until I am really comfortable.

When are you happiest when you are in front of a crowd?   During the Q&A. I feel that the pressure of the “talk” is off and I can be more relaxed.

What is your greatest fear as a speaker?   Technical difficulties…because then I will be really stressed and in big trouble!

Do you have any speaker Pet Peeves?   Overly staged speakers that look like they are acting. It’s just so obvious they are not being themselves.

What qualities do you look for in a great speaker?   Someone who I can relate to, who is genuine and who has done the hard work of making sure their speech really flows. I appreciate that.

Can you talk about any speakers that have moved you?   I heard Colin Powell speak in 2008 and he was incredible. Personable, commanding – he was very open and demonstrated so clearly that he is such a good person. I really liked the story he told about why he didn’t run for President. He lit up the stage.

What is your public speaking motto?   We all have the strength to be unstoppable.

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Thank you Roseann. It was a privilege to work with you.